The Shakespeare Tavern Annual Fund

If you would, take a minute out of your busy day to sit down and consider the work you experience here at the Shakespeare Tavern: the master storytelling; the superb acting and pure interpretation of Shakespeare’s texts; the riotous laughter; the profound discoveries… not to mention the edge-of-your-seat, riveting, live combat scenes! Whew!

Then consider the work you don't see: the in-class work with thousands of high school kids; the summer jobs programs; the literally life-changing 8-week Residencies; the daytime matineés throughout the entire academic school year that reach literally tens of thousands of young people from all over Georgia.

Then consider what kind of investment you can make so that together, we can continue to help build our community artistically and academically.

The Shakespeare Tavern Annual Fund is just that: a yearly plea for any amount you choose to invest in us and in what we do. And we do mean “any” amount! Every little bit helps our organization in hundreds of ways.


  • $15 — pays for one hour of training for an Education Artist
  • $49 — can provide workshop materials for 50 sixth graders
  • $85 — pays for preparation materials for an entire Tavern production
  • $100 — roughly pays for one Education Artist’s complete training in conducting in-class Playshops and/or after-school Residencies
  • $142 — can buy us a new lighting fixture
  • $190 — buys a hand-made period rapier for use in our shows
  • $350 — can pay to design and build a new dress for Juliet
  • $3,700 — pays for one Atlanta Shakespeare Company member to attend the month-long intensive training program at the world-renowned Shakespeare & Co. in Lenox. MA.
    (All of our Senior Company members have received advanced training from Shakespeare & Co.)
  • and more!

The list of good uses goes on and on and on. Every dollar you give empowers our work here at the Shakespeare Tavern and makes a difference, because every dollar you give will go to the heart and soul of what makes us who we are.

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